Hello, World


  “Ignorance is the mother of all evils.”
—Michel De Montaigne

       Dear World,

It fascinates me that I can communicate with whomever happens to see this post. I have never written a blog, or anything of that nature. We shall see how it goes.

       I write to you here for a class (yes, for a class) which endeavors to explore what we call “digital identity.” I am to write about my interests, my expectations. I do want to be in this class, to learn about this digital world which we all enter at some time or other, but often understand very little of. I am interested in the way that we view ourselves in relation to our online presences, how one perceives his or her identity on or off the internet.

       I now enter this world as a college student. The reasons that I am in college are many, but I am mostly here because I desire an expansion of my views and a deeper understanding of the world around me. Of course, as the name of this website suggests, I would like to be a linguist. Looking into the future, I want a graduate degree, a PhD. For here and for now, however, I want to learn, grow—to explore my ever-changing identity.

       And so, for now at least, goodbye World. Until we meet again.

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